RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) is designed for large Wi-Fi venues to offer guest Wi-Fi access, particularly suited for:
• Hotels, malls, hospitals, airports, tourism places
• F&B, retail chains (as a central cloud gateway)
• Enterprises offering Wi-Fi services to visitors

Unlike other pure cloud-base captive portal solutions, RansNet on-premise HSG appliance provides network perimeter defense and offloads all the user control tasks off from WLAN, eg. captive portal redirection, authentication, speed and time control, session control, roaming, etc, so that AP can perform better wireless functionalities to connect user devices, eg. radio management, wireless load balancing, client association, signal strengths management etc. At the same time, HSG’s builtin Wi-Fi monetization capabilities empower venue owners to get the most out of Wi-Fi.

  • Maximized end users experience, using high-performance HSG computing appliance to manage user access and offload AP to guarantee a reliable wireless connection for end devices.
  • Monetized Wi-Fi infrastructure (Cloud Monetization Platform – MoneAds), with many opportunities to generate additional business incomes throughout user Wi-Fi journey. Great for venue owners or advertising agencies to turn Wi-Fi from a cost center into a revenue-generating platform.