Captive Portal HotSpot Gateway (HSG)

RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) is a high performance network appliance designed for enterprises, fully featured with all the advanced networking and security technologies, such as ethernet switching, TCP/IP routing, virtual private networking, stateful firewall inspection and user access control etc.
Running on hardened Linux kernel and Intel platform, HSG produces extremely high performance, manageability, reliability and security, all packed in a purpose-built industrial grade computing platform. Various models are available with different performance to handle different no. of concurrent devices, catered for different customers environments.

RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) can easily overlay any existing or new Wi-Fi/WLAN infrastructure, without significant network changes, at minimum operational impact. All brands of WLAN products are supported, as long as network is properly provisioned to route user traffic to HSG.

Immediately HSG transforms any WLAN network to deliver intelligent guest Wi-Fi services, and venue owners can start to customize branding portals and preferred user sign-in options without the need of any html coding.

Today, good and free Wi-Fi is a default facility that venue owners are expected to provide to their end customers, and Wi-Fi is often perceived as a cost center by the business owners. Now with RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG), Wi-Fi is no longer a cost center, it is an investment. 

HSG provides many opportunities for venue owners to monetize free Wi-Fi throughout user Wi-Fi journey. Having all monetization capabilities built-in as standard features, venues can easily enable the desired options with intuitive web interface, make unlimited promotional updates and run unlimited campaigns without any hidden costs.

RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) has builtin RADIUS/AAA server to authenticate user Internet access, either through captive portal or dot1x/EAP or MAC authentication. It comes with intuitive web interface for administrators to manage user accounts, create vouchers, defines access profiles and generate billing and analytics reporting.

HSG also integrates with many 3rd-party systems for flexible user sign-in options, including all common social-media providers, SMS providers, payment gateway providers, PMS vendors, etc. At the same time, HSG also has its own mboxapi which allows any 3rd-party system to integrate with HSG for user account management, apps sign-in and data retrieval for external analytics etc.

The HSG builtin AAA server comes with fully featured RADIUS authorization capabilities, and enforces user access control by speed, time, data volume etc. Business owners can easy define multi-tier privileges to offer differentiated user experience, or sell premium Wi-Fi with different billing plans, or whitelist special network devices or destinations etc.

In addition, RansNet patented adaptive bandwidth control feature allows venue owners to fully maximize their back-haul investment to provide best possible user experience.

Detail Access Logging and Reporting for Analytics and Compliance (Accounting)

Regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and many others, are requiring organizations to implement comprehensive security measures, which often include collecting and analyzing logs from many different sources.

RansNet HSG tracks all user connection sessions, login attempts and access logs, with detail timestamps and packet header information (source, destination, protocols, port no, etc). The logs are stored in local storage for immediate analysis and investigation, and can be archived out to external FTP servers for long-term retention.

These features provide venue owners full visibility on the traffic usage and comply to security regulations and audits.

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RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) is designed for large Wi-Fi venues to offer guest Wi-Fi access for Hotels, malls, hospitals, airports, tourism places, F&B, retail chains, or enterprises offering Wi-Fi services to visitors.

Minimize investment cost, by fully utilizing RansNet complete Wi-Fi hotspot solutions, from gateway (integrated with WLAN controller), PoE switches up to Wi-Fi 6 Access points.

Maximize user experience, using dedicated computing appliance to manage user access and offload AP to guarantee end device wireless connection.

Monetize Wi-Fi infrastructure, with many opportunities to generate additional business incomes throughout user Wi-Fi journey.