RansNet SD-Branch Series

RansNet SD-Branch series is built with enterprise grade Qualcomm SoC hardware and RansNet engineered software. It comes with 5 x GE ports, all can be configured in either LAN or WAN mode to terminate multiple fixed lines for redundancy and link balancing. 

The SD-Branch embeds a dedicated next generation 4G or 5G/NR modem, which has its own chipset and processing power, to guarantee reliable and high-speed wireless WAN connection to provider’s cellular network using direct SIM. The UA-800 model operate in 4G/LTE or 5G-NSA or 5G-SA mode, added with carrier aggregation capabilities for maximum 4G/5G speed.

All the wired and/or wireless WAN connections are automated by RansNet software to aggregated all WAN links bandwidth (WAN bonding) and increase availability with sub-second failover, based on packet loss, latency or jitter.

The SD-Branch series comes with 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi. Further coverage can be extended by Wi-Fi Alliance certified RansNet Wi-Fi 6 AP (MAP-820), which also integrates with BLE and gateway MQTT broker for IoT devices. With mfusion RADIUS, the SD-Branch solution can support dynamic VLAN assignment and network access control (NAC). Each SSID, each port, or device of different privileges can be segmentized into different VLAN/network, enforced with respective firewall policies and QoS profiles.

RansNet mfusion provides a customisable and white-labellable web console with multi-tenant access control to orchestrate the entire branch network through a single pane of glass:

• Zero touch provisioning for plug and play hardware installation
• Centralized orchestration for SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, LAN/VLAN, Firewall policy, AAA/RADIUS, captive portal, and Wi-Fi marketing/campaigns.
• Wholistic real-time visibility for all branch devices and connections

RansNet SD-Branch series delivers superior performance with enterprise features, offered at an all-in-one affordable package, without any hidden subscription or software module licensing costs. Customers enjoy immediate upfront cost reduction and achieve even more business objectives.

For locations intending to offer guest Wi-Fi services, RansNet SD-Branch solution provides secure Wi-Fi out of the box and can work with external RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG) for guest captive portal, user analytics and O2O marketing engagement. Using mfusion ads streaming module, venues owners can schedule and push promotional advertisements over Wi-Fi – transforming free Wi-Fi from cost center into revenue generating platform.

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Brick-and-mortar Retail or F&B stores are digitizing through technologies to improve efficiency and create better in-store customer experience. From simplest online menu and cashless payment to latest O2O marketing platform and smart shopping carts or robot waiters, all digital devices require reliable local wireless or wired connectivity and application traffic must be routed securely to customer cloud digital platforms.

RansNet SD-Branch provides 802.11ac dual-band wireless connectivity up to 100 devices, and the wireless coverage can be extended by RansNet Wi-Fi 6 Access Points. Leveraging on SD-WAN capabilities, such as multi-protocol VPN, multi-WAN bonding and dynamic routing, digital application traffic will be encrypted and routed to customer datacenter servers reliably, over primary fixed WAN connection, and seamlessly failover to wireless WAN (4G/5G). For locations with limited fixed line reachability, wireless WAN can be the primary connection, eliminating any physical constraints for businesses to reach maximum customers at their convenience. 

5G is the first wireless access technology developed for the massive scalability required for IoT applications. But not all IoT devices are 5G enabled. For a mass industrial IoT deployment, such as smart nation project or smart lockers/vending, it’s neither feasible nor economical for each IoT device to be equipped and subscribed to a 5G service plan. 

However, most industrial IoT devices support Wi-Fi or BLE. With RansNet UA-800, clusters of IoT devices can connect via Wi-Fi on the LAN side and share the same 5G backhaul to cloud IoT servers or central application systems. This hybrid setup will dramatically reduce 5G subscription costs, while still enjoying the benefits of 5G technologies.

As the banking sectors continue to transform in today’s digital economy and self-service oriented world, ATM is no longer just about dispensing cash. It is starting to replace the roles of physical branches through contactless services, which help to reduce customer queues, speed up service responses and cut down the cost of physical branch offices, so that banks can offer same or better services at more locations proximity to their customers.

In addition to common online digital transactions and AI-based concierge assistance, smart ATMs can also offer remote video conferencing between customers and real helpdesk personnels at the other end of the world. All these are only possible when there’s high speed, high resiliency and low latency connectivity for the ATMs. The UA-800 provides ultrafast packet forwarding and reliable backhauling, using wireless WAN (4G/5G) as either primary or as backup to fixed lines, to empower banks to offer seamless digital banking services on a 24 x 7 basis.

Whether it’s for autonomous driving or connected vehicles or simply to offer “Wi-Fi on the go” for passenger buses, using a purpose built UA-800NR1 with dedicated 5G module inside a moving vehicle can deliver reliable wireless WAN connectivity and transport large amount of data at extremely low latency.

Particularly for “Wi-Fi on the go”, you can leverage UA’s captive portal features to engage users and potentially monetize free guest Wi-Fi.

RansNet Software-defined Branch (SD-Branch) series converge Wired and Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN/WWAN), Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Local Area Network (LAN/WLAN), and security technologies into a single industrial appliance, ideally suited for smart ATMs, IoT deployments, Bus Wi-Fi, Retail and F&B outlets.

For Cost Reduction and Better Efficiency

Being SD-WAN capable and transport-agnostic, the SD-Branch can use cost-effective Internet link as alternative to MPLS  at comparable service, or use 4G/5G as backup to MPLS to increase uptime. With RansNet cloud mfusion orchestration platform, administrators can have full control over traffic flows, apply security policies and gain deep visibility into the end-to-end communications through a single dashboard, significantly improves operating efficiency and reduces support efforts.

For Business Innovation & Productivity

RansNet SD-Branch is designed to harness the power of 4G/5G to empower organizations to advance business innovation & productivity, expand to locations without fixed lines or run as backup to improve business uptime. Organizations can now benefit from 5G and RansNet solution to launch high-bandwidth applications, cashless payment, extended reality (AR, VR and MR), AI, IoT, edge computing, streaming, industrial automation and control, etc.